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Tourmalined Quartz Raw Chunks

Tourmalined Quartz Raw Chunks


  • Purification
  • Recovery From Negative Influences



  • Storm



  • All (Crown, Heart, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Throat)


BLACK TOURMALINE is a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Its supportive energy aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing light throughout the system.

Black Tourmaline promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clearer, more objective view of the world. It is empowering to those who must live or work in challenging environments or when facing difficult circumstances.


QUARTZ is a highly prized mineral in the world of alternative healing. It is considered a powerful healing stone; a “Universal Crystal” with a diverse range of benefits in healing and meditation. It is also used to protect and channel energies.  It is known to restore harmony, stimulate healing, boost stamina, clear the mind and enhance creativity.


Each piece is natural with unique inclusions of black that will vary from stone to stone


Size: 1" - 1.75" 

Price is for each stone 

Comes with a meaning card


This stone combines the energies of both Black Tourmaline and Quartz to create a powerful duo!


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