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The world is my oyster!

The world is my oyster!


Intention box made to kick start your creativity and inspire your artistic nature by surrounding yourself with these selected stones. 


The possibilities are endless when your creative mind inspires you...


Boxes are 2" x 2"


AMETRINE is a stone of balance and forging connections. Ametrine is known to ease tension, usher peace, boost creativity levels, promote mental stability, and improve one’s self-confidence.


CARNELIAN represents the cauldron of the body’s lower three chakras. With its fiery and hot spirit that stimulates the root chakra, it is associated with taking bold action and helps circulate vital energy to your center which contains your powerful creative instincts and deepest sexual desires. The stone also strengthens concentration and helps in understanding the inner self.


LABRADORITE Change, strength, and perseverance are associated with labradorite as this stone can help transform a situation. The stone can help nurture you as you summon the courage to show the world who you are. It is like Labradorite itself when the light within must be reflected outwardly for the world to see. It can assist in balancing and cleansing the aura. Ritual work is often done with the use of Labradorite because of its ability to empower and to connect with other frequencies of existence.


SMOKY QUARTZ is one of strength and power. Many claim it provides protection, healing, and grounding as well as anxiety, stress, and negative emotions and radiates positive energy. It may even increase concentration and focus.


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