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Spirit Quartz Cluster

Spirit Quartz Cluster


  • Merging With The Higher Self
  • Purification
  • Protection
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Freedom From Fear



  • Storm



  • Crown
  • Solar Plexus


SPIRIT QUARTZ is reputed in the metaphysical lore to bring qualities of energy, peace, and positive energy to all realms. It is said to transform negative energy into positive energy, thereby being a very protective stone, and excellent for auric shielding as well as mental and physical types of protection. It is also excellent and often used for astral projection, dreamwork, shamanic journeying, and rebirthing.


Emotionally it is said to remove fear, bringing emotional peace and happiness. Spirit Quartz works very well with other minerals and can boost their energy as well as cleanse and activate them.


This gorgeous Spirit Quartz cluster in a deeper purple hue has a very sugary sparkle that glistens no matter where it's placed.

Very calming energy when in your presence!


Size:  2"W x 2"H


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