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50 Shades of Sparkle

Bedroom boredom is easy to fall into. We’ve all been there. Our love lives become

predictable and scheduled and, often, dare I say, monotonous.  


We get so wrapped up in life that we forget that we need to be intentional with our love

life. Making it special and focused creates anticipation and excitement.  


Do you ever, intentionally, set the mood?  


Music can play a role in mood setting and aphrodisiacs, like oysters or chocolate, are

fun options. Alcohol can also be a mood setter – a great bottle of wine or a stiff vodka

never failed a girl. Candles are also great mood setters, especially if you burn intention



But, it’s 2023 and setting the mood goes deeper than that. Setting the mood requires

positive energy and strong connective vibes.   


That deeper and more profound connection is rooted in your sacral chakra. The sacral

chakra is, fittingly, found just below your naval. It’s the center of your joy, pleasure, and

inner fire. It’s where playfulness is born and exploration is inspired.  


Crystals and gemstones can awaken your sacral chakra and really unleash a new

version of your sexual side.  


Here are some crystals I use in my bedroom: 


Carnelian: The carnelian gemstone creates warmth and comfort. With its firey appeal,

it’s oozing with confidence-boosting and self-love qualities. 


Citrine: Citrine serves to strengthen your desires, while encouraging self-expression.

You do you, girl!  


Sunstone: Sunstone fosters connection and warmth. It encourages confidence and

play. Sounds like a great recipe for suc-sex!  


Moonstone: Moonstone is a feminist through and through. She manifests feminine

energy and emotional balance, and she encourages change and risk-taking. 


Whether you have crystals in the room or on your body, they will fill the air with positivity

and desire.  


You can’t go wrong with incorporating crystals into your love life. After all, 50 Shades of

Sparkle is a story only you can tell!

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