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A Celestial Home

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Crystal lovers have many things in common, but one thing they all have in common is the

comfort crystals bring to them. What makes a house a home? Comfort!

This means that, for many of us, crystals are in our space, wherever we go.

Some like knickknacks or tchotchkes, some prefer clean lines and surfaces, and we like crystal


On our bodies, next to our bed, in our kitchen, our workspace, by the bathtub. If we live in it,

we SPARKLE it!

You should surround yourself with crystals that resonate with you. Here are some suggestions

for crystal accents by room:

Entrance/Foyer: To protect your home and the people in it, opt for black tourmaline. It protects

and blocks negativity and evil from entering your space. For the powerhouse combo of

protection, add in smokey quartz and clear quartz.

Kitchen: feldspar point fosters health and wellness – perfect for your cooking and dining


Bathroom: Bathrooms are often a place of privacy and relaxation. Amethyst is the mother of all

calming crystals. Keep them nearby for your soothing downtime.

Workspace: Sodalite encourages a quiet workspace by blocking out the mental noise. It allows

you to be more focused and centered. Hematite, “The Bad Vibe Bouncer” stone, will banish the

energy of any toxic co-workers or pesky housemates! To promote abundance, wealth, and

prosperity in your workspace, congo citrine, pyrite, and jade are must-haves.

Guest Room: Many people feel a little anxious or restless when spending the night away from

home. Blue lace agate is perfect for calming those disruptive feelings and promoting a full

night’s sleep.

Kids’ Rooms: Love is the most important thing of all. Our kids need to feel, show, and be

surrounded by love. Rose quartz is the crystal of love and can be kept under a pillow, on a shelf,

or on a stuffy for bedtime.

Primary Bedroom: Celestite is the perfect crystal if you crave tranquillity and

harmonious energy in the bedroom. It’s also great if you need a solid, restful sleep. If sleep is

the last thing on your mind, shiva lingam is known for bringing out primal sexual energy. Both

energetic states are magical!

Creating a celestial home really is a vibe. You and your guests will feel the shift.

You can never have too much a good thing!

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